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I'm a freelance artist. And there are so many things, that i can do... I’m going crazy thinking about it. However, what I really love is body painting.​


I was born in Donetsk (Ukraine).There I got Architecture Degree and worked as an architect for a few years. But in time, I’ve realised, that architecture is actually not my field. I’m really grateful to my teachers for knowledge, that I’ve received from them. This knowledge made me able to choose another type of creative profession. So now I am a painter, whose favorite canvases are Bodies and Faces. ​


In 2014 I moved to Kiev, where I’ve lived for three years. There I’ve made many projects connected with make up and finished Boyko Beauty School as Specialty "Make-Up Artist".​ By the way, I have two children, who are always ready to be my models.


Now I live with my family in Erlangen (Bayern,Germany).

My passions is:

  • the theatre, where I'm playing, making stagemakeup and scenografy

  • tribal bellydance, which I have been dancing already 12 years

  • painting on canvases, wals, furniture, clothes and accessories.

  • makeup and body-art fof children and adult

Welcome to my Facebook or Instagram page! Or you can call me and we’ll come up with amazing ideas together)

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